The Breakdown Episode 32

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Wildcat! Wildcat!, Gold & Youth, Alt-J, Summer Camp, Chromatics, Of Monsters and Men, Theme Park and White Arrows.

Listen here: 

Right click, “save link as” to download mp3 file to your computer here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 32

This episode was done live from my front yard! The closure of Doc Branigans has resulted in WMN being homeless again, so without a studio to broadcast from, I made one myself. On my front porch, with a shit ton of snow carted down from staff housing and fashioned into a mini snowboard terrain park right in front of my eyes. What fun it was.

The music was A grade once again also. I played some gems, among others an amazing little number from brand new Vancouver based group Gold & Youth. Watch these guys they will be big I think. I have already been in touch with them and they will be hooking me up with new material as it is created, so watch this space!

The Of Monsters and Men album continues to grow on me, and I have still not stopped being obsessed with Wildcat! Wildcat!, even with only two songs released. English artist Alt-J continues to blow minds with his ingenious approach to songwriting also.

The Chromatics album is a beautiful piece of art that should definitely be checked out by anyone with even a cursory interest in music. Amazing tracks from Summer Camp, Fredrik, Tor and Drake are also featured, with a banging rock number from Pet Clinic. Finally be sure to check out the results of Zed’s Ded‘s collaboration with Omar LinX and Julia Stone. Just be aware it contains a couple of swear words!

This one rules, and I hope you enjoy it.


1. Gold & Youth – Time to Kill

2. Alt-J – Breezeblocks

3. Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart

4. Rhye – Open

5. Wildcat! Wildcat! – End of The World Every Day

6. Chromatics – Lady

7. Lemonade – Neptune

8. White Arrows – Fireworks of the Sea

9. Tanlines – All of Me

10. The Last Names – Age of Consent

11. Absofacto – On a Ladder Leading Nowhere

12. Phantogram – Futuristic Casket

13. Theme Park – Wax (Live Acoustic version)

14. Electric Guest – Jenny

15. Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron – I’ll Take Care of U

16. Tor – Aperture

17. Drake – Fireworks

18. Summer Camp – Losing My Mind (St. Etienne remix)

19. Fredrik – The Shape and Colour of Things Gone Blind

20. Stourt Cortez – Berliner

21. League – Golden Maps

22. Papercuts – Do What You Will

23. Joywave – Anemone

24. Kissed Her Little Sister – Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

25. Pet Clinic – Stop Wasting My Precious Time

26. Zed’s Ded and Omar LinX feat. Julia Stone – You and I

27. Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look The Same

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