The Breakdown Episode 31

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Wildcat! Wildcat!, Bravestation, A.A. Bondy, Perfume Genius, The Maccabees, Caveman and Phantogram.

Listen here: 

Right click, “save link as” to download mp3 file to your computer here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 31

This episode was performed live at the super popular local wood-fired pizza joint, Creekbread, for their charity night supporting The Point Artist Society. I started playing about 45 minutes after waking up from a reasonably large night, so apologies if my radio performance was a little askew. The one thing that held me up was the quality of the tunes I busted out. It was a sweet show, musically. The crew eventually showed up, most arriving just as I was playing my last track, but a fantastic evening was had by all.

The highlights for my week were the discovery of Wildcat! Wildcat!, alt-J and Bravestation. I can’t get enough of these tracks, stay tuned for more material from them! I also showcased some of my favourite beats from the stunning albums by A.A. Bondy, Perfume Genius, The Maccabees, Caveman and Phantogram, who have all been on high rotation in my life of late.

I found a sweet remix of one of my favourite Active Child songs, which I was skeptical to accept initially, given how much I love the Active Child album that it is taken from, however I am now a solid fan of White Arrows. Ben Browning, the bass player from one of my all time favourite bands, Cut Copy, has also released some solo material which should be checked out.

At long last my good friend, Katie Carter, finally got to play her track from Groove Armada, which I have been holding off on playing for about 3 shows now ha ha. Check it, it is really cool.

Hope you enjoy!


1. A.A. Bondy – Skull and Bones

2. Au Palais – Tender Mercy

3. Perfume Genius – Take Me Home

4. The Maccabees – Ayla

5. Jonquil – Run

6. Theme Park – Milk

7. Phantogram – When I’m Small

8. Bahamas – I Got You Babe

9. Caveman – Thankful

10. Teen Daze – Brooklyn Sunburn

11. Young Empires – Let You Sleep Tonight

12. Gorgeous Bully – Never Cry

13. Bravestation – Signs of The Civilized

14. Zulu Winter – We Should Be Swimming

15. Wildcat! Wildcat! – Mr. Quiche

16. Washed Out – Call It Off

17. Groove Armada – Hands of Time (Courtesy of Katie Carter)

18. Tours – Tough Lately

19. Bad Weather California – When You Smile

20. Active Child – Johnny Belinda (White Arrows remix)

21. AWOLNATION – Sail (Ill-esha remix)

22. Soft Swells – Don’t Cut It Off

23. alt-J – Fitzpleasure

24. Fort Lean – Sunsick

25. Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay

26. Van She – Kelly

27. Teeel – Crystal Lake

28. The Maccabees – Forever I’ve Known

29. Haim – Forever

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