The Breakdown Episode 27

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from The Rubens, Washed Out, School of Seven Bells, GRiZ, Pretty Lights, M83 and Birkwin Jersey.

Listen here: 

Right click, “save link as” to download mp3 file to your computer here:The Breakdown with Ben Episode 27

This edition of The Breakdown was done live at Doc Branigans again, on Valentines Day. I made it a little Valentine’s special, as most of the tracks were sort of down that path anyway, but not in a corny way whatsoever. This was a particularly amazing show musically, every track on here is stellar. I had to cut about 1 hour and 20 minutes worth of music out that I had wanted to play, so my loss is your gain.

I have become particularly enraptured with the track I played by The Rubens, a little known band from Australia. I am waiting with baited breath for anything more from them now, as this track is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve found in a while. I also found a new song from Washed Out, which is awesome. There are a bunch of songs in here discovered from my latest sources of musical information, plus a couple from my favourite albums of late. Add to this new songs from School of Seven Bells, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, M83 plus a good remix of an already good AWOLNATION song and a dubstep-y cover of Two Door Cinema Club, and we have the makings of an incredible 2 hours of music.

Hope you get as much out of this as I did.

1. The Rubens – Lay It Down
2. Pinemarten – I Want to Show You Loving
3. Big Spiders Back – Black Chow
4. Azure Blue – Dreamy Eyes
5. Conics – Habitats
6. Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23
7. Birkwin Jersey – No Travels
8. Washed Out – A Dedication
9. Desert Noises – Smoke Breathing Monsters
10. UNKLE – Hold My Hand
11. Wolfwolf – Must You Dance? 12. Kid Cadaver – L.A. Concrete
13. New Animal – In the Water
14. Jonquil – It’s My Part
15. North East Party House – Dusk
16. Mint Julep – Save Your Season
17. AWOLNATION – Sail (Il-Esha remix)
18.The Bloodsugars – The Pedestrian Boogie
19. Caveman – A Country’s King of Dreams
20. The Limousines – Wildfires
21. School of Seven Bells – The Night
22. Feed Me – What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club cover)
23. Contrakids – Fool
24. MYSTERY SONG OF THE WEEK: Systems Officer – Forever This Cyanide (Courtesy of Keevik Kitchen)
25. Washed Out – Call It Off
26. Work Drugs – Dirty Dreams / Tours – IJS

27.Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
28. M83 – Midnight City
29. GRiZ – Where’s The Love

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