The Breakdown Episode 21

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Active Child, The Panics, Gelbison, Teenager, The Lovetones, Grouplove and Nero.

Welcome to another edition of The Breakdown.


**We are running out of storage space! If you’d like to access to this file, please email**


This week I have a real treat for you, one of my album highlights of the year so far that I have come across – Active Child‘s You Are All I See. It is other-worldly. Buy it now. The front man is an example to bullies the world over to settle down: he has red hair, a falsetto voice and plays the harp. Chances are he was beaten in high school, but look at the joy these kids can bring in later life! I’ve included two tracks from the album opening and closing the set, there will be more in coming Breakdowns too.

One of my all time favourite bands, The Panics, have just released their fourth full length album Rain on The Humming Wire, and as always, it has not failed to deliver. I’ve also incuded a couple of older numbers, being a beautiful track from Asutralia’s Gelbison and one from my favourite Nick Littlemore (of Pnau and Empire of The Sun fame) band, Teenager. Also the dude from Brianjonestownmassacre has a side project called The Lovetones, and this song is really cool.

I also recently stumbled across a gem of a little known Irish film called Once, in which the two lead actors write and perform a number of really good songs throughout the movie, have a listen to the track I’ve thrown in and if you have time, check out the film, this one comes in at a really good moment.


1. Active Child – Playing House

2. The Panics – Endless Road

3. Grouplove – Lovely Cup

4. Once Soundtrack – When Your Mind’s Made Up

5. The Lovetones – Journeyman

6. Gelbison – See The World

7. Expatriate – Play a Part

8. The Panics – Walk That Mile Alone

9. The Magnetic Fields – You Must Be Out Of Your Mind

10. PS I Love You – Face Love

11. Ready Nena – En Silencio

12. Class Actress – Careful What You Say

13. Teenager – Sexual Revolution

14. Nero – My Eyes (BWB Edit)

15. Active Child – Johnny Belinda

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