The Breakdown Episode 20

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Suckers, NiTGRiT, Field, The Bloodsugars, Young Jesus, Bear Hands and Tom Vek.

I’ve had a fair bit of time to myself (something I’m not used to) since being at my parents house in Australia. To fill in the time, I’ve externalised my popular radio show The Friday Afternoon Breakdown with Ben and turned it into a blog, an mp3 playlist of some sweet tunes that have been rocking my world, one that you can download and keep. Here is the first edition of the home made version.


We are running out of storage space! If you’d like to access to this file, please email


Lately I’ve really been digging the Suckers album, Wild Smile. It is such a timeless piece of musical genius. They add to a never ending list of incredible bands hailing from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve included their track A Mind I Knew in this edition.

For fans of dubstep, check out NiTGRiT, some really cool stuff there. Other highlights for me include the tracks by Field, The Bloodsugars, Young Jesus, Bear Hands (who remind me somewhat of Pinback and Modest Mouse) and Tom Vek.


1. The Bloodsugars – The Pedestrian Boogie

2. Field – Sunday

3. Young Jesus – Up All Night With Stereotypes

4. Suckers – A Mind I Knew

5. Dawes – When My Time Comes

6. Awesome New Republic – Alleycat

7. Oberhofer – I Could Go

8. The Nightgowns – Buoy

9. PS I Love You – Facelove

10. Bear Hands – What A Drag

11. The Ruby Suns – Two Humans

12. Birds of Avalon – Spirit Lawyer

13. The Others – First Flight

14. NiTGRiT – Babylon

15. The Parlor Mob – Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down

16. Tom Vek – Blessing In Disguise

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